Website Performance and Pagespeed Optimization

The area of website optimization is broad, and can apply to a wide variety of services. In general, it’s the process to make your website run faster and more efficiently. This can mean compressing big images or fine-tuning how your site’s code is delivered to cultivate lightning-fast load times. It could also mean analyzing your user’s on-site behavior to find trouble points, and find out where we can make improvements to boost your conversion rate.

At Mr. WPress, we’re specialists in all things WordPress. If you know your site could be running better, but don’t know where to start, start with getting a free quote! We offer free site reviews as well, and can bring an experienced perspective to your planning and put together a project that will morph your website into a true extension of your business.

Fast Load Times

Employ a variety of pagespeed optimization techniques for a snappy website.

Responsive Design

Ensure your site looks great from the smallest phone to the widest monitor.

Boost Conversions

Analyze UX and site statistics to remove friction points preventing conversions.

Website Pagespeed and Display

One of our most popular services is increasing pagespeed in order to quickly deliver your content. Increasing page speed will help to keep users on your site and interacting with it, even between pages. When a site does not load quickly, or takes a long time to respond between page loads and seems a bit “sticky”, the user is more inclined to leave or even try a different site. Keeping your users interacting on your site and reading your compelling content is the first crucial step to improving conversions.

Another important element we can help with is responsively designing your website so that it looks good no matter what size of screen your user’s come from. We ensure no matter what size of device the user is using, it will always display correctly, whether they’re browsing from the smallest phone or the widest monitor. Making sure your site displays correctly for everyone is extremely valuable because you want to give 100% of your audience a good experience. A website needs to be friendly for all groups of people with various devices, and doing so will help maximize your audience and also lead to higher conversions.

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Website Flow and Conversion Rates

If your site is already running smoothly, we can move on to look at the flow of your user experience. We’ll take a fresh tour through your website, and note where the goal or information may seem unclear. If your user doesn’t know what to do, they may wind up leaving the site out of confusion. By ensuring every single page of your website has a clear purpose and clear path forward, your users will continue to be engaged and have a higher chance of converting.

More than our own experienced view, we’ll also look at analytic data of your other user’s behavior. Where do your users spend the most time on your website? What pages do they tend to leave or exit from the most? What pages do your users “bounce” from, or leave within the first few seconds without interacting? These questions are crucial for understanding the informational flow of your website, and can help identify pages or sections that may be causing friction and costing conversions.

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