Website optimization:  For an efficient and healthy website

Performance Optimization

What exactly does “website optimization” mean to my website?

Optimization is really a broad and general term.  But loosely put it is the process where we make your website run faster and more efficiently.  Some of our optimization services are:

  • Increase page speed in order to quickly deliver your content.  Increasing page speed will help to keep users on your site and interacting with it.  When a site does not respond for a long time between page loads and seems a bit “sticky”, the user is more inclined to use a different site.  Among many important things, user experience is right up there at the top when it comes to building and maintaining your website.
  • Use Web Analytics to make educated decisions toward writing effective content that will lead to higher conversion rates.
  • Responsively design your website so that it responds to a user’s view port.  This ensures no matter what size of device the user is using, it will always display correctly.  Making sure your site displays correctly for everyone is extremely valuable because you want to give 100% of your audience a good experience.  A website needs to be friendly for all groups of people with various devices and view port sizes.  This will help maximize your audience and also lead to higher conversions.