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Custom WordPress plugin development

Plugin Development

I have a website and can’t find a single plugin that will work for my needs.  Can Mr. WPress help?

Yes we can.  Custom plugins give you the extra control you need.  Chances are you may have already run into:

  • times you won’t be able to find a plugin,
  • times you won’t trust an author of a plugin and do not want to put it anywhere near your website,
  • times when you just want a little of a plugins functionality and not all the extra bells and whistles it has loaded your site up with,

but all of these scenarios are easily fixed by building a custom plugin.  One that is tailored just right for your theme.

Here are some scenarios for custom WordPress plugin development

  1. If you are a real estate company and you want something very clean to list your properties.  You also want it to update your calendar and make showing appointments directly from your website.  When someone books a showing, it emails them and you a confirmation.
  2. If you are an athletics director and you want to add a simple sign-up form to your school website for voluntary participation in next week’s soccer scrimmage.
  3. If you are a medical clinic and want a plugin developed that was an “online nurse”.  Asking questions of the patients and giving them answers based on their selections.  This directs them to the next step of who to contact or what they need to do.
  4. If you are a river rafting company you may need something to accept early arrival check-ins online.  This could fast track the check-in process and help keep administration headaches and frustration to a minimum.

As you can see, there could be a million reasons why you may want to have a custom plugin developed.  All a plugin does is add extra functionality to your website.  That is it.  You decide what that functionality is and we build it.  The sky is the limit.