Custom WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress Plugin Development

Plugins are the way WordPress adds extra functionality to your website. Some plugins add features on the front end of your site, like image sliders and customized forms. Other plugins you can find are for the back end, helping with matters like SEO and security.

While there are a decent number of options available, sometimes you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for. There’s either not enough features, or too many bells and whistles. Or maybe you simply don’t trust the authors of the available plugins.

That’s where the Custom WordPress Plugin Development offered by Mr. WPress comes in. Our developers will work with you to create a perfectly customized plugin to fit your needs. It doesn’t matter whether you need an automatically updating calendar, a sleek and unique image gallery, or something completely different. You decide what functionality you want, and we can build it. Simple as that!

Custom plugins are part of the custom theme development service offered by Mr. WPress. Learn more about this feature in our blog post on the subject.