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Master Slider – Recommended Plugin Feature

Master SliderThe easy-to-use plugin for all your slider needs

Feature your services and products in a stylish carousel

So you’ve decided to use a slider over a simple static image in your WordPress website. You may have seen in our featured plugin list that we recommend the Master Slider plugin. This plugin isn’t free – so is it worth the money? In short, you get what you pay for. It would be possible to code in your own slider, or try to find a plugin that makes one for free. But the extent of features and customization provided by Master Slider is worth the money, and saves you the time working it all out for yourself. Read on to see what this plugin truly offers: Read More »

How To Get Quick Website Load Times

Quick Website Load TimesSnappy load times mean more web traffic

Keep even the most impatient users around!

We’ve talked about website optimization before, but the importance of quick website load times just can’t be overstated. Research on the subject varies, but some sources say that if a website takes longer than a single second to load, users will leave the site. Those restrictions are a little looser on mobile, but not by much. The typical threshold tends to be around three seconds. With online traffic trending more and more towards mobile, quick website load times are absolutely crucial in modern web design. Plus, much of the country is still on 3G service – bulky websites may miss out on a big share of the market. But what goes into that optimization? Read More »

Facebook Russian Ad Scandal – Missing the Point?

Facebook Russian Ad ScandalIs Facebook in the wrong, or the right?

What are a telecommunication company’s responsibilities?

Recently, the Facebook Russian Ad Scandal has been making big headlines across the country. The cause of contention, in short, is that later-confirmed Russian operatives manipulated the system and purchased around $100,000 in political ads on Facebook during the election season. According to CNN, the government is discussing getting involved. This could range anywhere from a few new regulations to establishing an entire agency to actively police companies like Facebook. But are we missing the point? Many people assume that Facebook is in the wrong and proceed from there. But what is this telecommunication company’s actual responsibilities? Read More »