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Making Custom Fields for Your Custom WordPress Post Type

WordPress Custom FieldsCreate all kinds of tailored content with custom fields

Reap the full potential of your custom post types

Earlier this week, we walked you through how to create a custom post type in your WordPress theme. This was great for having multiple feeds on your site – whether that’s movie reviews or, in our case, products. In this post, we’re going to expand on that topic some more. To be specific, we’re going to walk you through how to add custom fields to those custom post types.

Fields simply add more information, or metadata, to your posts. See the title of this blog post? That’s a field that WordPress automatically comes with. The date, author, and other similar elements are all fields that WordPress takes care of, too. Custom fields allow you to add even more metadata to your posts. The capabilities of this are pretty limitless. A custom field can be a thumbnail image associated with the post, a star rating on a movie review, the current weather, or even related videos. For our example, we’re going to stick with our products custom post type, and show you how to add two custom fields: price and stock availability.

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Creating a Custom Post Type in WordPress Themes

Custom Post TypeHow to build a custom post type in a custom theme

What does a custom post type do for your site?

We’ve talked about what a custom post type is before, in our custom theme development blog post last week. By default, WordPress comes with only one post type – the blog post. Adding more than one is only accomplished through custom post types. So if you want to run a website with both a blog, and other feeds, that’s what you’ll need. Here are a couple examples of when you need another feed – if you run a website with movie reviews, then you’ll probably want a different post type for those movie reviews. Or, if you run a shop, then having a custom post type for products is usually a good idea.  Read More »

The Pros and Cons of Email Marketing

Email MarketingGet important info and sales directly to your customers!

Read on to find out how you can succeed with email marketing

In short, starting an email marketing campaign to promote your website can help drive traffic to your business, expand social media presence, and overall increase your bottom line. It’s an effective way to keep consumers updated on your business, thank them for their support, and offer sales to keep them coming back. Plus, it’s a fairly reasonably priced service. Several providers offer free plans for companies with low subscriber counts, or just or low email needs. You can get started easily, too. All it takes is for you to ask for your customer’s email address, whether that’s online or in person. You’ll be connecting with your customers like never before! Read More »