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Thank you for taking the time to look through my blog. Here I offer helpful tips and tricks, interesting articles, as well as updates to Mr. WPress products and services. Please be sure to pass on anything you find interesting to a friend or a colleague. Thank you again for reading and if you have any questions about any of the content you find in these posts, please feel free to send those to our support department at

Web Development Lessons – Learn Coding via Codecademy

Codecademy Web Development LessonsLearn how to code from HTML to Python

Codecademy offers tons of web development lessons for free!

The goal of Codecademy is to provide the opportunity for everybody to learn how to develop a website. They offer free web development lessons on HTML, CSS, making a personal website, and more. And we at Mr. WPress believe there’s nothing wrong with that! Maybe you don’t have the time to develop your own custom theme, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t understand how it works. Knowing the inner workings of your own website empowers you to make changes and troubleshoot all on your own. Codecademy may even help you go further with your site with one of their 2 to 10 hour lessons. They also offer lessons in Python and Ruby – coding languages that are used by the likes of YouTube and Dropbox.  Read More »

10 – 20% Off the Form Building WPForms Plugin

WPForms PluginA great deal on an expansive form builder

Implement contact forms to surveys with simple drag and drop

In our recent post of our handpicked plugins, we recommended Gravity Forms. One of the benefits of that plugin is the coding and development capabilities – if you know about CSS and HTML, you can do all kinds of things with this plugin. However, not everybody is looking for a massively customizable option. One of the biggest selling points of the WPForms plugin is that it’s easy to use. You can make attractive and simple forms with a simple drag and drop interface. While not as adaptable as Gravity Forms, WPForms provides numerous capabilities for all of your website form needs.  Read More »

The Mr. WPress Suite of Handpicked Plugins

Handpicked PluginsWe choose top of the line plugins in all of our custom themes

Get a sneak peek into the Mr. WPress process

Part of our process of building a custom WordPress theme is implementing our suite of handpicked plugins. We’ve vetted and tested all of these programs to provide the most versatility, as well as security. No matter what you need, we can probably come up with a plugin to meet that need. If worst comes to worst, we’ll just build a custom plugin that’s uniquely tailored to your exact requirements. Each site comes with a set standard, which we’ll go through here to provide you a sneak peek of the Mr. WPress process.  Read More »