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Professional appearance is important to your online presence

We are grand masters when it comes to delivering a custom theme that is 100% tailored specifically to your needs and design expectations.  We will work with you to incorporate a custom design from a web designer so that you get the exact look, feel, and functionality you want.  If you have a theme that you already own and operate and just need some extra functionality, we are here to help with that too.  No job is too big or small and we take the same amount of pride with each.  Making a custom WordPress website from a Photoshop document (PSD) or Adobe Illustrator (AI) is one of Mr. WPress’s strong suits.

When you get a custom theme from Mr. WPress you are getting a clean and light weight skin for your WordPress website.  All of our developments are validated with the W3C Validator tool and they all go through page speed testing.  The level of attention to detail we put into our work is second to none and we guarantee that.  We offer any and all prospective clients to do their own research and testing which is the Mr. WPress Challenge.

Custom themes can help make your website stand out from the rest.  If you want something unique and special to your online presence, then you are a prime candidate for a custom theme.  We live in a technical World these days and people are more and more savvy every day.  People can “smell” a template and it really does affect your site.  A user judges your website the very first second their eye sees it.  If it is not aesthetically pleasing and easy to use, you will more than likely experience drop offs and high bounce rates on your site.  These are not good for you bottom line and all because the user did not like how your site looks.  Design and layout goes a long way when it comes to converting your web traffic to actual clients.

Here is a hand full of some of the functionality a custom theme provides you with

  • Custom sidebarsSidebars are custom built for your theme to match your design so that you can easily maintain them.  Our custom themes allow for the administrator to set a custom sidebar for a specific page as well.  This can be useful for a custom page that you want to display some slightly different content for in the sidebar.
  • Custom Post Types – By default WordPress comes with one post type, the blog posts.  We can add as many post types and hook them up to their own archives.  This is beneficial when you have a blog and you also want to have another type of feed.  For example you may be a photographer and want to have a completely different feed for photography posts.  You would want to keep them separate from your blog feed because they would use different categories and would need their very own archive.  Otherwise, they would all be mixed in with the regular blog posts.  This helps keep things tidy and your website easy to maintain.
  • Custom MenusCustom menus allow you to have full control of what pages you want to add to which menu and where you want that menu to be on your site.  Mr. WordPress uses a primary navigation in our header where we host all of our services and drop downs.  The footer only has our top level pages and no drop down.  We could add as many menus throughout the site as we want, but we stopped at two.
  • Featured Images – WordPress has a feature called “featured image” or otherwise known as the post thumbnail.  As you probably guessed, it is an image that is associated with a particular page or post.  The best example of a featured image would be a blog post where you set a featured image.  Then on the blog feed page, the featured image for each blog post would show up next to the title of that post.  Essentially creating a nice little thumbnail for each blog listing.  The  Mr. WordPress blog uses featured images for example.
  • Hand Picked Plugins – We use a few different plugins right out of the gate to help facilitate our powerful themes.  One of those plugins is the Yoast SEO plugin.  This plugin is awesome as it allows you to SEO each page of your theme, giving you the power to fine tune your content.  We also use the Google Analytics by Yoast plugin.  This plugin helps easily integrate your Google Analytics code so that you can monitor your website’s behavior.  WPSmushIt is another plugin we use which compresses images you upload.  This dramatically helps with page load times.  And lastly, we use the W3 Total Cache plugin, which is used on an enterprise level and drives site performance.

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