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Transferring a WordPress website

WordPress Site Migration and Data Transfer

Can Mr. WPress move my website from one hosting company to another and have it be exactly the same?

We sure can!  We will make a seamless transition between your current hosting provider and your new one.  We backup your website before we start any sort of migration.  This is a full backup top to bottom of your website and is included in the service.  Once we have your full site backed up we mirror it on the new hosting account.  We run some tests and then when all is well, point the domain over.  We have experience in this sort of thing and can do it for a very affordable rate.  These types of things should really be left up to a professional.

I just bought the domain I always wanted.  How do I make the swap from my old one to this one?

So you bought the domain you always wanted.  Congratulations!  Today the internet has so many people marketing the same products and services it is difficult to get an original domain name.  Most people have to settle for hyphens and numbers and other characters in their domain they would rather not have.  For example if you bought the domain “” because someone already bought “”.  You have had that annoying “1” in your domain name for quite some time now and you were finally able to obtain “”.

Now comes yet another hurdle in the road and that is you have to point “” to your servers.  Once the new domain is actually hitting your servers (you can tell because your website will show up when trying to visit it) you can then setup a 301 redirect for the “”.  There are people out there that have been visiting the old version of your domain for the entire time you have had your website up.  Chances are they have bookmarks of pages they like and the whole nine yards.  So, you have to provide redirects for those people.  For every page you had on your website, the link just changed.  For example your about page may have been here “”.  Now that you have pointed over the new domain and the database has been updated to respond to it, the new URL looks like “” (loosing the 1).  So to bring this full circle, when someone who has your “” page bookmarked and they try to access that page from the bookmark; they will go to a page not found error (404).  In order to fix this problem we have to setup redirect rules.  So every time someone tries to go to “” they get redirected to the new location “”.

Transferring a WordPress website or pointing a new domain to an existing hosting account can be very tricky.  It requires skill and experience.  You don’t want to get it wrong because a mistake could cost you up to 48 hours to fix depending on how fast your ISP works on your issue.  Not to mention if you have email accounts associated to the old domain (which everyone typically does) that adds another level of work entirely.  Ultimately if you do not have experience with moving a WordPress website, you should reach out to us and let us do the dirty work.