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Mr. WPress is happy to offer consulting services.  We all could use a second pair of eyes sometimes…


Do you have a project you are considering taking on?  Need a second opinion?

Having a consultant give you a second opinion is never a bad option if you are taking on a new project and especially if that project may be outside of your normal comfort zone.  Mr. WPress can help to asses the costs of these projects and identify any problematic “bumps in the road” before they come up.  A developer’s worst nightmare is to realize they are 90% through the budget and still have another 50% of work to do.  Assessing the project thoroughly at the beginning and getting a clear decision of how the project will unfold are essential steps before committing to undertake said project.  Without which, you will near certainly find yourself in a position where you are running over budget.

I own my own website and company and have my own web team

We trust your judgement with the quality of employees you hire.  We also trust that you have a keen eye for budget and cost.  In addition, we know you want to assess all the risks involved before making any new development.  Having your own web team is great but they can sometimes be too “zoomed in” on a project and get a bit removed from the ultimate goal.  Mr. WPress consulting services offers a third party objective point of view that offers a new perspective and line of thinking.  Having a group of developers and designers working for you on your team is never a bad thing.  Just like all of us and all things, it can become stagnant over time.  For these reasons and many more, we recommend certain undertakings be given to a consultant to get a second opinion.  Two sets of professional eyes is always better than one.