Mr. WPress is a Certified Codeable Expert!

Mr. WPress is now a certified Codeable expert!

We’re proud to join the elite developer ranks of

There are a plethora of ways to find a web developer.  From trawling Google to browsing job board websites. But undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to find a developer that truly knows what they’re doing is Codeable. Their mission to curate a selection of elite web experts, thoroughly vetted to ensure quality work, is an asset to website and business owners worldwide. We are proud to be a part of that community.

The Codeable Vetting Process

Codeable isn’t a site where anybody can come along and set up shop for themselves. The application process is exhaustive – a multistep evaluation that checks technical ability as well as interpersonal and organizational skills. For larger teams of developers, the entire team must qualify, not just the lead developer. As a statistic to illustrate the standards of Codeable’s process, only 2% of developers who apply make it through.

Codeable requires a high level of skill in multiple areas to earn a listing on their site.  It is through this rigorous intake process that creates the level of professionalism and quality of code the client will receive.  Other companies in this field do not take these precautions.  You sign up with a few minutes of time and usually pay a fee to be on the site. Not at Codeable. We, as developers, do not pay a dime to be on the site. Codeable capitalizes once we have completed the task and takes a portion from the client and from us, the developer. This is one reason the model works so well: performance and job completion are ultimately what keeps you in the game on their platform.

Not only that, but once an expert passes the application, they have to prove their expertise over a forty-five (45) day trial period. Only once a solid month and a half has passed with no incidents can experts earn their official certification.

The Codeable Atmosphere

Of the experts that are accepted, they are welcomed to a warm and supportive community. Even though multiple experts can bid on the same job posting, there’s no “animalistic” competition. In fact, many developers contact each other to ask questions, gain insight, and lean on the expertise of their peers. The benefits for the developers here are obvious, with an atmosphere of collaboration and community. At Codeable, they use the term “Coopetition”.

But this atmosphere also provides benefits to the customer. The most notable is that the “race to the bottom” pricing structure doesn’t exist. In fact, Codeable has a minimum hourly rate. That’s a bit of an anomaly in and of itself, and that rate is noticeably higher than what you might find on more open freelance sites. This means the developer isn’t rushing through the work, cutting corners, and trying to take on as many hours as possible to make a living. They can take their time, choose projects they’re passionate about, and do quality work that won’t need to be redone as soon as it’s finished. The extra time allows developers to document their code with helpful comments and customization options so that another developer can step in just as easily.

While clients may pay a little more upfront, the quality of the end result and its sustainability are higher still and worth the price. And lastly, the mediation process is a great tool for the client and the developer. While developers are encouraged NOT to take a job they cannot complete, sometimes things take a bad turn and mediation may be needed to get things back on track.  Their support staff does a fantastic job of keeping everyone satisfied and really does take an active role in the process.

The Mr. WPress Standard

For Mr. WPress, working on Codeable was a natural fit. Even as a separate entity, we strive to provide quality work that both customer and developer can be proud of. Our customer reviews reflect that, whether you’re looking at Google, Thervo, or Codeable. We consider anything less than 5 stars a mark on our record, and our goal is to go above and beyond for our clients in every circumstance. We not only provide quality work, but expert advice at the start of every project and clear communication throughout.

Developing Lasting Relationships

Perhaps the best result of the dynamics of both Codeable and Mr. WPress is that they develop lasting relationships. Our clients become more than just clients. They become partners, working towards the continued success of your endeavors. Not only do we strive to provide clear communication, but a solid professional relationship as the foundation for growing your site and your success. We want you to keep coming back for projects and updates big and small, because you see the value.

Ready to get started? Check out our profile on Codeable, or reach out to us for a free quote to work directly with us. We’d be delighted to help you turn your website dream into reality!