Updates and backups for WordPress

Updates and Backup

Updates are necessary when new versions of plugins, themes or WordPress become available and should be backed up

Your WordPress website is subject to updates.  Your theme may update, your plugins may update and WordPress itself may update.  We make the updates for you and back up your site before we do.  If the updates break something on your website we have a complete restore point to revert back to.  From there, we can undertake the process of examining what the issue is.  Mr. WPress makes a 100% completely mirrored version of your website in another location (which we will share with you).  Once your website is mirrored in another location, we run the updates again.  We already know it will break, but this time we are going to fix it.  Why do it this way?  So that your website is always working.  This is part of the user experience and we don’t want any unhappy customers.

To make sure your WordPress website is never broken and always up-to-date, please click the request a quote button below.