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Your website is only as good as it’s hosting.  Speed, security and scalability are all #1 factors when deciding what service to go with.  At Mr. WPress your success is our goal.  Because we succeed when you succeed.  When you host your site with us you are not on a mega server shared with thousands of random websites on shared hosting.  Instead, you are hosted on our VPS (virtual private server) where it is exponentially more secure than other plans at the same cost.  Speed and security are paramount to use because cleaning up hacked website’s is no fun.  Our commitment to you is first rate customer service and server upkeep.

All websites receive a free SSL certificate for the life of your account with us.  Most providers will charge you additionally for this.

Managed Hosting

Mr. WPress offers managed WordPress hosting as well as offsite backups.  Backups are kept for ninety days at a time and include all files and database.  These backups are preserved in a separate location and can easily be used to switch your website over to like a light switch in the event of a server failure.  Lastly, out of date plugins and WordPress core files are a hacker’s delight.  It is nice to have peace of mind that is taken care of for you.

Website Security

Enjoy website security from SSL, exclusive server environments, and more.

Automatic Backups

Recover quickly if the worst happens with our automatic backups.

Professional Maintenance

With our managed plan, you get a real person managing your site.

Standard WordPress Website Hosting

Many WordPress hosting solutions offer shared hosting environments for cheaper rates, and are a popular choice. But they naturally don’t expound on the risks of sharing a server environment with other websites. If another website in your shared environment is hacked, it’s possible that there’s a doorway to your own site. But even in less extreme cases, the amount of traffic that other sites in your shared environment get can impact the bandwidth and loading time of your own site, even though you have nothing to do with that other site. If they run a deal and have tons of traffic, your site will suffer just by association.

At Mr. WPress, you get a dedicated server environment through VPS, so you don’t have to worry about what other people are doing. Among the other standard benefits (SSL, 7 day backups, etc.), you can also rest assured knowing that a qualified developer with years of experience is maintaining your server and keeping things running smoothly.

To get your own server environment, reach out for a free quote today.

Upgrade to Managed Hosting

Our Managed Hosting plan comes with several significant upgrades over standard hosting:

  • A real developer regularly running your website updates – including WordPress core, your current theme, and all plugins
  • Immediate reversion if any update causes a break in your site, as well as an email notification from Mr. WPress
  • Professional troubleshooting for any website breaks
  • Backups going back 30 days 
  • Additional remote backups using Amazon S3 for guaranteed data safety in case of a fire, flood, or any other issue that could result in a server going down and being inaccessible

This Managed Hosting plan costs a flat rate of $99 per month. Regardless of any extra developer time troubleshooting or implementing fixes, you only ever pay $99 per month. That doesn’t even mention your peace of mind from the extra layer of safety for your site’s data.

To get started with your Managed Hosting plan, reach out for a free quote today.

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