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Full WordPress website backup

Site Backup

What all do you backup when you do a full site backup?

We back it all up.  Top to bottom.  We take a complete export of your database and copy all files on your server.  These backups are as frequent as you would like them to be.  They can be as little as once a day, every month, or every several of months.  Backups are quite important because most hosting companies don’t even backup all of your data.  Did you know that?  You should ask them.  But most hosting companies will only backup a certain amount of data when they do their backups.  If your site is over that data allotment when it cuts off, then the rest of your data and/or files is not backed up.  Lastly, it is just good practice to not have all of your eggs in one basket when disaster hits.

Should the hosting company lose some of your information indefinitely or not even be backing it up at all, you would have a fall back using our services of your own.  Backing your website up in two locations is always a smart idea.  Even if the backup is to a local external hard drive that you have attached to your desktop.  Diversify your risk when it comes to lost data and you can really save yourself some huge problems because of it.

To find out a backup plan that suits your website’s needs, please request a quote below and one of our specialists will contact you.