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One of the best things, and the worst things, about web development is that it’s ever-changing. Talented developers are constantly coming with new ideas and better takes on old favorites to create truly stunning websites and effects. Plugins and themes and even WordPress updates frequently, not only featuring bug fixes but entirely new features. Tactics and trends for design and copy are constantly changing to match the culture and effectively reach as many people as possible.

However, this blessing can easily become a curse as well. With the rate of change, it’s easy for a site to become outdates right under your nose. But more than that, if you don’t take the time to keep up with the trends, it’s all that harder to update your site to a modern design. Some skills remain evergreen, of course, but it’s never a bad idea to further your education! Check out these resources that make learning easy and accessible:


We’ve covered this before, but if you’re just starting out and looking to learn the basics of coding, it’s hard to beat Codecademy. This platform offers tons of courses on the basics of coding, whether you’re looking to understand the HTML behind websites or expand your knowledge with a more advanced language like Ruby or Python. You’ll find the fundamentals needed to get a good grasp on a wide range of languages, setting you up for success in your continued learning. However, if you’ve already wrapped your head around a language, you may want to look for more advanced learnings somewhere else.

Great for: coding beginners, finding a crash course on a new language

Not as great for: intermediate to expert-level coders, learning on a deeper level, those looking for lessons outside of coding


If you want to explore on a deeper level, then make Udemy your go-to site! This doesn’t only apply to coding, either. Udemy has a wide variety of categories, from coding to design to even organization and business management. The qualified instructors will take you through the entire realm of your chosen topic, with in-depth explanations and plenty of exercises you’re encouraged to take on by yourself (though you can reach out to the instructor for help, or get feedback afterward). Keep in mind that these courses are a commitment, though. They can take tens of hours to complete, but when you’re done, you’ll be fully equipped to immediately put your knowledge to practical use. Even experts may find something new in their teacher’s new perspective.

Great for: practical knowledge, deep dives, getting tailored answers to your questions

Not as great for: those with limited time or who can’t commit to a long lesson plan

Developer Blogs

Where better to learn about development from those who are actively developing? Tons of developers have blogs they run to document their learnings and make their knowledge available to anyone who’s interested. You won’t find extensive courses here, but if you’re looking to learn new tips and tricks or need a more niche answer, a developer blog is your best bet. Each blog is different, of course, so be sure to read around. At Mr. WPress, for example, we like to focus on easy-to-understand concepts and general guidelines for creating an effective website. For something different, CSS-Tricks is run by a team who document their solutions to issues they run into, whether in coding or design. You’ll find more specific information here, which is great if you’re looking for tidbits to grow your toolset.

Great for: finding answers to specific questions, those on a budget (blogs are free, after all!), those looking for quick answers

Not as great for: those looking for a more structured lesson plan, those who need direct contact with their teacher

Grow with Google

For Grow with Google, the name really speaks for itself. While you won’t find general knowledge on coding or design here, this is the ideal place to learn about how to use Google’s tools to their highest capabilities. Analytics and Ads are popular, of course, but there are tons of platforms that the company offers to benefit developers. There’s Merchant Center, Data Studio, Web Master Tools, and many more. You can learn from the creator’s themselves here, and earn certifications to add to your resumé or portfolio. Google even offers lessons on business management and a few other topics outside of their own platforms, pulling from knowledge and case studies with hundreds of successful businesses.

Great for: getting certified in Google’s tools, learning higher-level management and tactics

Not as great for: naturally, those who aren’t looking for knowledge about Google’s platforms


Sort of between Codecademy and Udemy, Skillshare offers bite-sized lessons on topics from coding to design to copywriting. While it’s possible to find classes in the 5+ hour range, the platform tends to focus on classes that are smaller, from 30 minutes to maybe 2 hours. Like Udemy, you’ll find a wide range of topics from a wide range of instructors with their own takes on the material. However, the more limited time doesn’t lend itself to deep-dives as well. While you can find niche courses on very specific topics, you can find similar information from blog posts for free. However, it’s definitely worth browsing through the numerous courses, especially if you’re limited on time. They even have a free trial, so you can give the platform a try with no risk.

Great for: those with limited time, those who want to browse for one-off topics

Not as great for: extensive lessons on a subject, those on a budget (with constant coupons and deals on Codecademy and Udemy, Skillshare can easily become the most expensive).

Need some help applying your new knowledge? Mr. WPress is always here to help! We’ll work with you to create the website of your dreams through our custom theme development, or can help you add some extra functionality through custom plugins. Reach out a free quote today!