Web Development Lessons – Learn Coding via Codecademy
Codecademy Web Development Lessons

Learn how to code from HTML to Python

Codecademy offers tons of web development lessons for free!

The goal of Codecademy is to provide the opportunity for everybody to learn how to develop a website. They offer free web development lessons on HTML, CSS, making a personal website, and more. And we at Mr. WPress believe there’s nothing wrong with that! Maybe you don’t have the time to develop your own custom theme, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t understand how it works. Knowing the inner workings of your own website empowers you to make changes and troubleshoot all on your own. Codecademy may even help you go further with your site with one of their 2 to 10 hour lessons. They also offer lessons in Python and Ruby – coding languages that are used by the likes of YouTube and Dropbox.

Get the basics down with these web development lessons

It’s amazing what simple lessons in HTML and CSS can do for a site owner. Understanding how a page is laid out can save a lot of time and heartache – you can approximate exactly where to look for errors if you see an issue on your site. And with CSS, you’ll be able to make simple appearance changes without the need for outsourcing, saving you all kinds of potential time and money.

If you find that these lessons grab your attention, you may want to look into the SQL and PHP languages as well. SQL focuses on databases, which is where your site’s information is stored. Understanding the guts of your website has a wide variety of uses, and you’ll never know when the knowledge will come in handy. PHP, on the other hand, is all about using functions to call the necessary content from your site. It allows you to create one template page for blog posts, for example, instead of having to create dozens of individual pages. Having a grasp of HTML, CSS, SQL, and PHP can allow one to create their own simple website!

Take your site up a notch with advanced web development lessons

Maybe you already know the basic web development languages, and you’re looking to rise to the next level. Codecademy helps with that, too! They offer lessons in advanced coding languages such as jQuery and Javascript, which transform simple websites into sleek and modern ones. That’s not even mentioning the web development lessons in Python, Ruby, Java, and more. These specialized languages allow you to create powerful web apps among the likes of Dropbox and YouTube.

You can find a list of all of Codecademy’s free lessons on their website. Their paid plans are only for support and extra resources (like quizzes) to truly hone your knowledge. All of the lesson content is free! Why wait, start learning how to code today!