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SiteGround is offering an amazing deal through November 25, 2021. Simply click here, and you can claim a free three months on one of their shared hosting plans. Already have hosting? This offer also includes a free, professional site migration from their experienced team. Mr. WPress has been using SiteGround for quite some time, and there aren’t many better options on the market for solid and supportive website hosting. This offer is only available through the Mr. WPress link, and it’s our way of helping you towards web hosting success.

What does web hosting offer?

A good website hosting service is more than just a faraway server to serve your website. You should have easy to access and a wide variety of tools necessary to effectively run your website, such as:

  • Access to the website’s database through phpMyAdmin. Even if working within the database is over your head, this is a crucial aspect of taking care of a website that many developers will need. This is where the data for your site lives, all its pages and posts and users and options. A good hosting plan will keep this accessible to those that need it and secure from everyone else.
  • Access to FTP, or file transfer protocols. Being able to get to the actual files that make up your site is just as important as the information in the database. Some services make it difficult to get to the files, or force you to use their own clunky system. But SiteGround provides a dedicated area to ensure you have easy access to your site’s files in whatever program you prefer.
  • Backups and staging. Definitely don’t take this one for granted – many hosting plans don’t provide automatic backups or development/staging site creation capabilities. But SiteGround provides both by default, and makes it easy to restore your site in case the worst happens and create a safe environment to debug or make large-scale changes.
  • Domain management and SSL. Like FTP up above, some systems make managing your domain a chore. But SiteGround has a dedicated section with clear instructions on managing how your website is accessible on the web.

If you’re not a developer, it may seem like you’ll hardly need some of these features. But when you do need them, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing SiteGround is there to help you manage and configure any and all parts of your website. Plus, developers will be in and out of many of these settings and programs, and cutting down on overhead with clear and intuitive systems is invaluable.

Why SiteGround?

We talked about above how SiteGround hosting plans tend to come with more than the basics, and keep everything in their organized and intuitive portal. But beyond that, SiteGround has some of the best documentation to provide details on various aspects and tasks, and responsive customer support to walk you through anything that still doesn’t make sense.

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