Expand Your AffiliateWP Program with Add On Plugins
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Offer more to your affiliates with comprehensive add ons

Grow the experience and benefits past the base plugin!

We’ve covered the powerful AffiliateWP plugin before, and how it allows you to empower your users to become affiliates and sell your products or services for you, while earning a nice commission themselves. But that was really just scratching the surface of what’s possible in the base version of the plugin. We’ve been working lately with clients who want to offer more – better tracking, expanded features, and more chances for commissions for those appreciated affiliates. Check out what’s possible beyond the base plugin with these official add ons.

Make your affiliates stand out

By default, the URLs your affiliates will share are tied to them by just a number, their ID in the backend of the site. This is fine for logistical purposes, but doesn’t really mean anything to the people visiting your site, and may make your affiliates feel like just a number in the system. But with the Custom Affiliate Slugs add on, you can customize those boring URLs to be the affiliate’s name, company, or really whatever you wish to help each affiliate feel more like a real individual.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Do you let your affiliates offer coupon codes to prospective customers? With the Vanity Coupon Codes add on, your affiliates can request their own unique codes instead of a standard “SAVE25” or something equally generic. A personalized, unique coupon code will stick in the minds of prospective customers much more easily.

And you can take it even a step beyond that! Give each affiliate a custom landing page on your site (with the aptly named Affiliate Landing Pages add on). Affiliates won’t even have to include that URL parameter when they direct people here, just hitting their personal page is enough to associate the prospective customer. All the information they shared, and more, will be present and available for your customers to truly ingrain and comprehend, with handy buttons to take them right to hot points on your website.

Offer more chances for commissions

As the old saying goes, money makes the world go ’round. There’s nothing quite like higher commissions to put some motivation in your affiliates. Maybe you can’t raise the actual percentage, but you can offer more chances for your affiliates to earn with a few AffiliateWP add ons. Signup Referrals, for instance, allows you to offer a small commission even if a prospect doesn’t buy anything, but just signs up to your site. On top of a small earning for your valued affiliate, you’ll also get a connection to that customer and be able to market to them later down the road.

You can also offer commissions beyond the intiail purchase with the Lifetime Commissions add on. Even if you don’t offer the full affiliate amount for future purchases, those future sales did technically source from that initial affiliate! They’ll certainly feel appreciated with even a small commission on any future purchases from that customer, without taking too big a bite out of your margins.

Or maybe you want to reward your cream-of-the-crop affiliates? Those who bring in droves of prospective customers? Use the Tiered Affiliate Rates add on to set milestones for your affiliates to reach, with a chance to earn a higher percentage when those goals are met. Giving your affiliates something to work toward is a great way to boost motivation and morale!

Go even further with third party add ons

These are just the official AffiliateWP add ons – but big-name plugins like this often have other people working on expanding their functionality too. You can allow your affiliates to sign up at different levels (with different related commission rates). You can even set up an expansive multi-level marketing matrix (MLM) with earnings for affiliates of affiliates, down to whatever level you specify. There are tons of possibilities for an expansive affiliate network, where everybody wins. You make more sales, your affiliates earn generous commissions, and your customers get a great deal for something that comes well-reviewed and recommended.

Need help setting up your affiliate network? We’ve worked with numerous clients who’ve successfully created an affiliate network with the Affiliate WP plugin. Reach out to use today for a free quote today to see how we can help you bring your website dream into reality!