Google API Spotlight #2 – Google Calendar API

A Google Calendar API helps you stay on top of everything

With almost too many features to list, this one calendar holds all you need

A Google Calendar API makes it easy to organize every date, meeting, appointment, and holiday in one place. The customization features allow you to make multiple different calendars (home, work, etc.). Then you can view everything at once in the Master Calendar, or filter to mix and match what type of events you want to see. To get you started, Google will even let you load public calendars, such as US Holidays or sports team schedules. These calendars can be viewed by day, week, or even month to get a big picture of your schedule. There’s even a “find time” feature if your calendar is overwhelming.

Extra conducive to collaboration

Have an assistant, or work in a close knit group? You can share your calendar with colleagues with the click of a button. They can share theirs with you as well, and you can each have a different color scheme to make distinction easy. You can enter all of the information your colleagues will need beforehand – meeting locations, other attendees, and any relevant files. They don’t have to have complete access if you don’t want them to either; permissions are easy to set.

An API brings powerful mobile and web integration

You can share all of these features with users of your website as well. That’s the power of an API. A Google Calendar API can integrate with mobile apps, web apps, or other systems to create, display, or sync calendar information. You can share events with anybody who looks at your website, and even share a reminder with them too.

At Mr. WPress, we can help you set up a customized Google Calendar API on any website. Feel free to explore Google Calendar or Google Calendar APIs on your own, or reach out to us at Mr. WPress if you have any questions.