Wordfence Security – Recommended Plugin
Wordfence Security

Turn on a powerful firewall with a few clicks

Keep in-depth track of your website security

We’ve talked about website security before, as well as how to work smarter instead of harder by avoiding a few myths. Some of those myths came right from our next recommended plugin – Wordfence Security. With great educational information and an impressive suite of security features, it’s no wonder why this program made our shortlist of handpicked plugins. Find out the true power of this must-have plugin here!

The basic features of Wordfence Security

Even the free version of Wordfence comes with every feature you’ll need to sleep soundly at night. The biggest draw is the comprehensive firewall rules, as well as a massive database of malicious IP addresses and malware signatures that the plugin knows to look out for. These guidelines are updated regularly, too. And if that’s not enough, they have a brute force attack blocker in place. That means you still have protection even if somebody new or crafty tries to slip through. This will block users who try to login too many times, or hit forgot password too many times, or hit any number of suspicious triggers.

Worried that your site is already at risk? Try the malware scanner functionality. There’s even a feature built in to repair damaged or corrupted files. Need to set up some specific, manual rules? Wordfence allows you to do that, too. The plugin even comes with tracking features, so you can see who logged in and logged out (and who tried to log in), as well as how your site is being crawled by search engines. Whether you want to be passive or active, Wordfence Security has you covered.

The premium features of Wordfence Security

Those were all just the basic features! Wordfence Security also offers some reasonable premium plans with even more advanced features to ensure your site is locked down. While the free version provides regular updates of the firewall rules and offender database, the premium version updates these lists in real time. You can also generalize your manual protection out to specific regions, instead of just specific people. This can potentially save hours of time. The filters are more advanced too, meaning a more sophisticated spam filter and a functionality to check if a site IP is generating spam.

There’s really no way to go wrong with Wordfence. They have over 1 million users, which means access to tons of data to keep their security high caliber. Plus, if you want to learn more, they have in-depth informational articles on their site about website security. Now you know why Mr. WPress installs this plugin on every site we make!