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Page speed is important to your website’s audience

How do I know what my page speed is?  What is an acceptable speed?

There are a variety of tools out there that will help you determine what your speed is and just how to fix it.  Two tools that Mr. WPress uses and trusts are the Pingdom Tools and Google Page Speed Insights.  Pingdom Tools will help to analyze all of the assets your web page loads.  While Google Page Speed Insights will help you with various optimization items that can be improved upon.  Using them side by side of one another can produce some very nice results.

An acceptable load time that is generally accepted by developers is 1000 milliseconds (which is one second).  If you get outside that one second you start to get into the possibility of users getting impatient and leaving your site to find something more fluid and easy to use.

The video below is very informative.  It is put on by a Google developer advocate at an Oreilly conference.  The video discusses the critical rendering path that a request must take to go to the server and provide the information you requested.  This is know as Round Trip Time to the server (RTT).

Each website is different.  No two are alike and exactly the same (at least that would not make Google happy).  For this reason determining what is holding up page speed for each website must be done on a case to case basis.  If you think your website is slow and may be loosing potential customers, contact us today to take a look.  We will help you take the steps you need to run a faster website.