Web analytics let you monitor every view and click

Web Analytics

“Can’t I just put my site on the internet and be done with it?”

The short answer is yes, you could just put your site on the internet and leave it alone.  However, if you would like to get search engines to pay attention to you, you’ll want web analytics. A program such as Google Analytics can help you to determine how much time a person spent on your site, the location they visited from, what pages they visited while on your site, what language they use, what devices they were on, what page they left your site from, and more! This is important information in the process of optimizing your website.

All of this information helps you understand how your website is behaving. It also helps you understand how it performs in front of visitors. The digital arena is constantly evolving – what worked when you first posted your site may not work in a few months. Website analytics can let you know what pages are faltering. This in turn prompts you to write new copy, make more calls to action, alter your site map, or any number of possible fixes.

If you did not have this information then you really could not adjust for it, making improvements difficult.  Mr. WordPress believes in the power of data and web analytics to empower your company! Learn more about this service in our blog post on the subject.