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Without web analytics it would be impossible to truly tell how your website was doing

Can’t I just put my site on the internet and be done with it?  Why do I need to monitor every page and every click?  Is all that really necessary?

The short answer is yes, you can just put your site on the internet and be “done with it”.  However, if you would like to get search engines to pay attention to you and actually get listed in their results, you may want to incorporate Google Analytics into your website.  Google Analytics can help you to determine how much time a person spent on your site, the location they visited from, what pages they visited while on your site, what language they use, what devices they were on, what page they left your site from…etc. and so forth.

All of this information helps you understand how your website is behaving.  You may consider re-writing the content for a page that everyone drops off of your website from.  That would suggest the page is not interesting and/or there is no clear way to make a conversion/contact.  If you find you have made several changes over time and there are still no results, then you may be in a situation the topic is not very useful or applicable to your audience.  If that is the case, then you would more than likely elect to remove that page from your website.  In a nut shell, web analytics can give you a very in-depth look at the content on your website and how users are interacting with that content.  If you did not have this information then you really could not adjust for it and therefore improvements would be very difficult to make.  Mr. WordPress believes in data and web analytics metrics and uses them to empower your company’s marketing team.