Responsive design dictates how users see your site

Responsive design is the art of making a website respond to your browser view-port size.  If you were to look at our Mr. WPress website on a desktop you will see a different version of the website from a tablet.  Again, you will get a different experience from a tablet to a smart phone. That is because the website design actually responds to the size of the view-port, and adjusts itself accordingly. Responsive design is a critical aspect of optimizing your website.

No matter what screen size your user is viewing your website through, you want them to get a great experience.  A happy customer is more likely to interact, or maybe even make purchases.  If your website looks good on an iPhone but does not look good on an Android, then you may be losing out on the Android market. Making your site user friendly and easy to use no matter what platform or device it’s on will only help increase your business.

Responsive design comes mandatory on every website Mr. WPress designs. You can get a sneak peek into our process via our blog post on the subject. No custom theme is complete without responsive design, and we have experience implementing it, so you don’t need to worry!