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Email marketing can lead to more website traffic and higher sales

So why is starting an email campaign a good choice for my business?

Starting an email newsletter to promote your website can help to drive traffic to your website, expand social media presence and overall increase your bottom line.  Do you ever wonder how it works and what the value is?  Email campaigns are one of the least costly things you can do for your company to help bolster your marketing efforts.  Mr. WPress has years of experience with email marketing.  We know exactly how to create and grow an audience of subscribers directly from your website.  This data can be very useful to your marketing efforts.  Such as knowing a persons name, address, their interests, etc. can help equip your marketing strategist with valuable information to run against marketing campaigns.  For example, if your marketing team ran the numbers from their promotions last month and came up with 35% of sales being from a particular zip code; they could use the email list to send a special marketing email to people on the list from that zip code only.  Pretty handy and very effective because you can offer those people further promotions (since they have a high propensity to consume) or you can simply send them a thank you email.

One more example is an A/B split.  Using your email subscribers we can do what is called an A/B split and that will deploy the same email campaign with same subject to a “sample populous” of the list.  So say, the first 100 of a list of 1000.  If the majority of the recipients click into your campaign and interact with it from the emails sent from list “B”, then the remaining 900 emails will be sent to the “B” and ignoring the “A” test.  This is very useful for testing email subject lines.  It helps to see what is more likely to get a user to click and then to fine tune your marketing strategy from there.  The bottom line is this, emails cost money to send.  You want to make sure you are maximizing your dollar spent and that your marketing efforts are effective.  It’s like marketing with a scalpel as oppose to a butcher knife.