Email marketing can lead to higher website traffic and even more sales

Email Marketing

Starting an email marketing campaign to promote your website can drive traffic to your website, expand social media presence, and overall increase your bottom line.  They’re not too costly either, and you just have to build one template for your newsletter or sale. These templates can then grab customized information for each person on your email list.

Mr. WPress has years of experience with email campaigns. We can help you gather information and get a solid email list started. Knowing the demographics about your audience also allows you to fine tune your efforts for the best connection. Find that a lot of sales come from a particular zip code? You can even customize which part of your list to send to – then send special sales or a thank you to only that zip code.

While certainly not a miracle product, email marketing offers mountains of value for molehill prices. There are even ways to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck, with methods like A/B splits.  If you’d like to start an email marketing campaign, contact Mr. WPress today!