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Google AdWords is a great way to advertise your website

Use Google AdWords and track it’s productivity through web analytics

Everyone knows that Google is a major player in the online World.  They have a very large hold on how information is transmitted and shared.  In addition Google has some very valuable tools to help you succeed such as their web analytics tool, page speed insights, webmaster tools, developer forums, support forums, google docs, and the list could really just go on and on.

One tool that Google offers your business to succeed is their Google AdWords campaigns.  These are campaigns you can setup on a pay-per-click (PPC) bassis.  The power behind these ads is you can track them with Google Analytics.  Tracking and identifying how well the advertisement is doing can help you to adjust content and make appropriate adjustments that could lead to higher performance for the ad.  Again, Google gives you all of these tools to help you succeed.  So if you see a large bounce rate on your landing page from the advertisement, the content needs adjusted or the deal needs to be “sweetened” or both.

Your website can greatly benefit from implementing some of these tools and then using them to track paid advertisement from Google.  You don’t even have to have an advertisement from Google to track it using Google Analytics.  All you have to do is setup goal and conversion tracking.  When the proper tools are in place and you have full transparency of not only your website’s health and performance, but your advertisement’s health and performance; you are really empowering yourself to make educated decisions.

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