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Online marketing with social media

Social media outlets can be a great and cost effective way to advertise your brand

Today everyone is on social media.  It seems like you have a social media outlet for everything.  Facebook for sharing and reviewing every aspect of your life and others around you.  Twitter to have yet another audience of subscribers to get your message, voice or advertisement heard.  Google+ will create circles of groups and friends with you with a more business and professional feel.  The list goes on and on for social media outlets and these are just a few.

Mr. WPress creates and monitors your accounts as well as works directly with you or a point of contact person within your company to effectively manage updates and news relating to the current state of your company.  Mr. WPress does not ever publish content to any of your media outlets without your prior consent to do so.

Which social media options are right for me?

That depends.  It depends on what kind of company or website you are.  The approach to social media would be much different for a company that sold men’s tennis shoes compare to that of a website that raises awareness for cancer.  The cancer website may benefit from using much more social media outlets than the men’s shoe website.  They may use Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google+, and possibly even more.  Where the men’s shoe website may only need to have a Facebook page and a Yelp account.

In the end, the bottom line is that the more people you are getting your information out to; the more people that are potentially going to contact you.  The more social media you setup and maintain, the better chance you have of widely growing your company brand.

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